Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hello again! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve! After a short break and a busy beginning of this year, I am back into the real world.
So I thought it might be a good idea to say it officially – for those who didn’t count the pictures on the blog yet – that the 1,100 Images is complete and all the images taken during last year have been posted until 31st December.
It only took me three weeks to write something about this, as I am so good at being shy.
As you probably know, I have started and developed this project for Stafford’s 1,100 years anniversary celebrated in 2013 – the year in which all the pictures were taken. It was a challenge, a way of discovering the town and the area and also a nice opportunity to meet new people.
I found myself discovering the most silly and simple things whilst walking around or attending different events.
And whilst trying to think what it means for me, I know one thing for sure: it is not a number.
It started with that idea over a cup of coffee and the opportunity was given by such a historical celebration, of 1,100 years of Stafford, and it continued with many weeks of trying to find new things and put them together in a little album.
I realise now how many things or events I would have missed (and I still have a few more to do, because I have postponed them and didn’t give them the place they deserve in this project), would I have not started to take these pictures.
Looking through the images I remember what a wonderful spring and summer we had last year, how many events took place in the town and what a great number of people they brought together.
I discovered many knots, under different shapes and in the most different places, I enjoyed the long walks in Victoria Park whilst trying to capture swans and flowers, I went for the first time to a cricket or football match, I was happy for the Christmas tree and the beautiful lights or I walked along in the marches for Stafford Hospital or the different parades.
Somebody asked me which is my favourite image? I did not have an answer, as I always think the one I will take tomorrow will be much better and more suggestive. But together I love them all.
During 1,100 images I tried to capture a part of Stafford’s life, during a few months in an anniversary year.
And I didn’t want to do it alone, that’s why I invited everybody to share their images. About 50 of your shots were published on the blog in Your Stafford Images category, from different periods of time or different areas of the town. Some remembering family times, others from winter time (I didn’t have the luck to catch some snow in 2013), or others landscapes. But all taken by you and adding more colour to the bigger puzzle.
Also, the blog has been accessed more than 5.000 times from people.
What comes next: I will keep on taking pictures and will update this space at least once a week, with pictures from Stafford and the area. I will also kindly ask you to keep sending your images, as I will keep adding them and make the collection bigger.
I am also thinking of a way of presenting some of these images in a different shape but I will keep you updated about this.
Meanwhile, thank you everybody for following this project and for your comments and Happy viewing in 2014 too!

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