I love sports. Mainly horse riding, athletics, swimming and many others.
But obviously I am not very disciplined when it comes to taking pictures of sports ... Well, I will try and change this during the project...
 Take a look below at some of the sport in Stafford!

Stafford Rangers V AFC Fylde, EVO-STICK Northern Premier League, Saturday, 7th Dec. (Home). Result: 2 - 2

A moment of applause for Nelson Mandela (image below)

Stafford Lancers - The annual Brass Explosion

What a show! The annual Brass Explosion Championships hosted at the Stafford Rangers brought together the most talented bands in the country.  An energy boasting atmosphere, with eye catching visual effects and great sounds, a display of stories told with imagination and talent and backed by a lot of focus and coordination!
Alice in Wonderland, My PC, A visit to London, an extraterrestrial experience, an original Romeo and Juliet are just a few of the stories presented by the bands.
Amongst the bands I have managed to see are the Stafford Lancers, the Staffordshire Knights, Cadence, The Spirit of Conventry, East Coast Elite or  Revolution Show Corps.
Below is a selection of shots from the day, enjoy!




Sky Ride

A great way to know the area is by cycling. Sky Ride rides are free bike rides guided by British Cycling Ride Leaders on different scenic routes in Stafford and for all levels.
Below two pictures of a ride that took place in July.

Stafford Archers

Ever had a go at archery? When I was a little child, my brother and I used to bend twigs and tie them with rope in order to make what we called "bows". We used branches as our arrows and they never used to last too long or reach their target.
But we had a lot of fun by doing this.
Archery is a popular sport, bows are serious "toys" and even investments and amongst others this activity requires concentration and precision for the best results. But let's not forget it's also fun and it brings people together.
At the end of July I visited one of Stafford Archer's tournaments, at Rodbaston College, and I took a peak at the archery world. Below you can see a few pictures from that day. Enjoy!

Stafford Golf Club

One Monday morning, June, here I go to the Stafford Castle Golf Club. I've never been so patient as to follow that small ball all over the field, but I'll give it a try. Thank God the staff there were very helpful and friendly so I had the chance to start the week in a great way - the smell of fresh grass, a great ride in the little car on the course with the Castle in the view and some friendly players happy to be pictured. 
Stafford Castle Golf Club has a great nine hole course built in 1907 and I've read that the land it lays on has been in the Stafford family since 1086. 
I'm working on extending my list with sport events or places I want to get to and by the end of the project I hope I will be able to ...

Stafford Horse Trials

For three days, between 19th - 21st July, the fields behind the County Show Ground were "conquered" by horses during the Stafford Horse Trials. 

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