The project

Welcome to my photographic journey through Stafford!

For a few months in this anniversary year, I have challenged myself to discover the town through the lens, visiting different sides of it and living some of its moments.
You can see here a series of record images attempting to capture some of my journey. A way of celebrating Stafford today, in an anniversary year, but at the same time taking a peak at yesterday and tomorrow.
One thousand and one hundred images of Stafford, about Stafford or close to Stafford, its places, its faces, its people and events.

Your Stafford images

One page in this blog is dedicated to pictures sent by you! Everybody can send to me one picture/person from Stafford - be it a building, an event, a moment you have lived in the town - and I will add it to the page (e.g. if you are a family of four you can send four pictures). The pictures can be send to the e-mail address


The pictures do not exhaust a certain place or subject and before the end of the year I will keep going back to different ones to discover more, to see a bit better or maybe something else.
Also, if one category tends to present less pictures than others, it does not mean that there is less of that sort of event or fewer of those places, it could mean that either I didn't get to a certain place/event yet - I will try and cover a wider area, not just the high street -, that I couldn't go there when an event took place or I did not know about it. 
If you find yourself in a picture and do not wish to appear on this blog, please feel free to contact me.

Who am I?

Sometimes I think I haven't got a clue...
My name is Ana and I have been living in the Stafford area for more than two years now. I was born in a nice little town in Transylvania, Romania, and after I graduated the Journalism University I worked as a reporter and news correspondent for five years. One day I decided I wanted to travel, to discover more in this world and I ended up in Stafford. I love photography and working with people, stories and writing, as well as my "emotionally disturbed" dog that follows me everywhere.
I also enjoy giving. Here is my little gift for a big anniversary. 
I hope you enjoy my visual browsing through Stafford!   

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