By Night

Bonfire and fireworks at MOD Stafford

Stafford by night

Taking pictures by night proved to be very funny for the first time. I asked my friend Ana to join me for a quick night walk in town. A chilly evening and more laughing than taking pictures, don't ask me why. It proves neither she, nor I, have a steady hand when it comes to holding the tripod in a certain way, so we kind of spoilt those pictures. Then trying to prop the tripod over the foot proved too hilarious to even start explaining. "Move your head, hold that foot steady, walk faster...No! slower, Why are you on high heels?!" it was pretty much a laugh and I now think we didn't take it very seriously, but after all that's what it's about, enjoying and holding moments. Here are a few of the pictures that came out in a first attempt, more are yet to come and lots to explore. 

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