Out & About in Stafford (parks, streets, pubs, miscellaneous)

Telephone boxes 

An old and rare double decker waiting for the happy couple. Gordon and Ray showing us this wonderful asset of heritage

Swans in Victoria Park

Views from the river Sow

A very brave lady, Sandra, from Greggs in Stafford, shaved her hair for charity and raised money for children in need. Well done, Sandra! 

Market Day in town centre

Getting ready for Halloween


A view towards the Grapes pub

The Tavern

A picturesque and old grocery shop not far from the High Street

The Stafford Borough building

Victoria Park in autumn

The Staffordshire County Council

Stafford's No 10

Works at the Council's building

 By Waterstones Bookshop in the Highstreet

Evening Street Lamps

The Water Mill Pub

The Bird in the Hand pub

A view towards Trinity Church 

I met Lee during one of my walks through town. I was curious about what he was painting and as I approached I realised it was his dogs -  Nipa and Spot, mother and son. They were sitting calmly by him, two gorgeous and very smart dogs. Lee was hoping to raise a few pennies to help them hitchhike to Edinburgh and stopped in Stafford only for a few hours that evening. They were coming from South Wales, in the Cardiff area.  

One way

Towards the High Street

The Soup Kitchen

Opened more than three centuries ago and run by the Sandy family, this lovely place is the perfect choice for a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Stafford Market 

Walking by St Mary's Church

Looking up

In the Market Square

The Bear Grill 

Street Scenes - Stafford town

It's the end of August and the weather is still gorgeous. I spotted the first golden autumn leaves and had a walk just to feel the street again after a long time away. Below a few shots from a nice evening:

An unexpected summer, with many sunny and hot days in July. More colourful flowers in the county town and people playing bowl in Victoria Park. After such a blue sky, I can put up with some rain :) 

A sunny day in May! Out & about ... 

This little street comes from The Mill Street and goes straight into the Park in front of Saint Mary's. But before that it stops at The Soup Kitchen, a 17 th century old charming and full of character place which I will come back to in one of my little trips ... (below)

High Street (below)

Victoria Park - spring time

Found in the heart of the town, Victoria Park lays on the banks of River Sow and covers an area of almost 5 acres, being the largest formal park in the Borough (www.staffordbc.gov.uk).
Its original name used to be Victoria Park Pleasure Grounds and it opened in 1908. It now offers, amongst other facilities, pleasant riverside walks, an aviary, bowling green, a band stand, play area and sensory raised garden.

This little duck got lost and was crying in a bush by the lake in the Park. I tried to push it out with a stick but didn't pay much attention to me, until in the end the mother duck got closer and baby duck decided it was time to go home. Happy ending, but he was seriously told off :)

                                Sunset as seen from the Stafford Castle 

In Stafford Castle's Medieval Herb Garden

I entered this quiet, little garden one sunny afternoon in June and spent a bit of time just sitting on a bench and looking at some bees going after the same flower.
You could feel the mint in the air and the silence was undisturbed. 
As I left, I read on the board at the Garden's entrance: " (...) a garden was a private place, intended for refreshment, contemplation and repose. However, gardens were not intended simply for enjoyment, but were also an important source of herbs and other plants which were valued for their culinary, medicinal and cosmetic properties. Each of the 16 beds in this garden is labelled according to the use of the herbs it contains and is planted solely with plants listed in the first English treatise on gardening "The Feate of  Gardenynge" by Master John Gardener, c 1400 (...)"

The pathway that takes you all the way round the Castle and back. The sun was getting ready to go down and was spreading a lovely light. Green, Bluebells, bloomed trees, people walking, the shadows slipping through the trees (below).

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