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Welcome to Your Stafford Images Page! This is the place where all YOUR moments, memories or favourite places in Stafford meet. Choose one to five pictures taken in Stafford that means something to you, that you like or you think it is representative for Stafford and send it to Ana - or -, so it can be included in this category. The pictures do not have to be from a certain category or period of time.
Happy viewing!

As a museologist/curator I was amazed and delighted to find in such a small and cozy museum as the Stafford Ancient High House such a welcoming spirit for visitors of all ages. The way the museum presents itself to children of all ages, including myself, is rare and delightful. I visited the museum together with my friend and I remember she was amazed that I found so much joy in discovering the pictures hidden behind each small door in every room. Once I've seen these small doors exist, I just couldn't stop looking for them everywhere. 
I've learned a lot from this experience, especially because I work in a museum and my biggest challenge is to make our exhibitions welcoming and easy to understand for everyone, judging by the specificity of the age group our visitors belong to. 
Thank you Stafford, for showing me a simple yet extraordinary way to interact with the visitors. 

Two lovely images sent by Amy Harman. The first one captures a sunset seen by the County Showground area and was taken one June evening.

Stafford Castle

Two lovely shots taken and sent by Julianne Griffin. Stafford Castle framed in green and dominating the hills. Thank you, Julianne!

Colour and deer against a white background

Another two lovely pictures added to Your Stafford collection!
The photographer is Kevin Degg,  who selected two winter shots to share with us. 
The first one you can see below was taken by Kevin in Stafford town centre and tells the story of a nice old red phone box against a heavy snow background. 
"I ventured out and around Stafford town centre trying to capture the town covered in snow. When I went to the Market Square, I saw the red old fashioned post box and tried to capture the colour against the white of the snow", Kevin remembers.
The second picture, that of the deer, was taken by him on Cannock Chase, in Brocton area, earlier this year. 
"We were out walking over the Chase and enjoying the stunning scenery covered in snow, when as we walked down the road about 30 deer ran in front of us. I missed that picture, but as we walked past where they were, these deer were still there and turned to look at us as we walked past, I quickly snapped the picture before they disappeared" says Kevin. Thank you for sharing!

Stafford in the '90s

Doesn't time fly? Look at these pictures from 1990 sent by Robert Twine! Stafford looks a bit different, don't you think?
Thank you, Robert!

Victoria Park - Winter time

It's not winter yet, but not long now ... Victoria Park "dressed" in white in Trevor Fisher's pictures, take a look below! Thank you, Trevor!

Still winter...

Two years ago, on a frozen, still winter day, Phil Tiso from Baswich area decided it was too white and pittoresque to stay in the house, so he went out and captured these images:
Thank you, Phil, for sharing the lovely pictures! 

Doxey Marshes

I wonder how many people have seen the Doxey Marshes in infrared pictures?!  (I must admit I haven't even been there yet ... ). But the next four pictures will certainly show you a different and interesting view on Doxey. 

Infrared is one of Tony Winfield's specialities when it comes to photography and here are his images captured in this nature reserve called Doxey Marshes and found only two miles from Stafford's town centre and lying within the floodplain of River Sow (wikipedia). Thank you, Tony!

Stafford landmarks

The Broad Eye Windmill framed in a great green setting, the lovely Soup Kitcken street and Saint Chad's Church captured from the High Street and a little street that goes behind it (four images below). All part of a wider selection on Stafford seen and captured by Vince Dovey. 
"I have taken pictures all my life, starting when the primary school did a trip to the London Zoo and I borrowed mother's Brownie Box camera", Vince remembers. 
Enjoy everybody and thank you, Vince!

MOD Stafford

Camera, focus, shoot! Graham Argent knew when to press the shutter when he took this action shot at MoD Stafford last year! (I hope the guy landed safe from his "flight"!) Take a look at the picture below ... Thank you, Graham!

Stafford in Salsa steps

Salsa people - dancing, walking and running in pink at a Race for Life event or just getting together for a nice evening. Stafford Salsa meets at Oddfellows Hall in Stafford every Wednesday evening (now is on holiday until September) and donates all the money (£ 5 per session) to different charities who need all the support to continue their good causes. 
Thank you Jill and the others for adding a few more pieces in Stafford's puzzle!

Cannock Chase and Stafford Castle

Cannock Chase walk and Stafford Castle View. Below two pictures captured by Trevor Ludlow

The picture on Cannock Chase was taken on 30th of April this year and has a nice little story: "I had just ran the London Marathon 10 days before and as a recovery session I did a bike ride across the Chase, taking my camera with me. I took this picture as part of that ride. A month later, I entered this photo into the DFS "View from a Sofa" competition and subsequently won! So as you can see there it brings back a couple of good memories for me personally", says Trevor. 
Thank you for sharing!

May, 2013, Trevor's shot of a Stafford Castle under a blue, restless sky and with hints of purple in a green grass. 

Family moments in Stafford

The following five pictures (below) were sent by Ana Lines, a lovely brazilian storyteller (the co-founder of Stafford Knot Storytelling Club) who moved to Stafford some years ago woth her husband and two children. Ana and her family were visiting the town almost every year and the pictures sent capture some lovely family moments here in Stafford. Ana has been very kind to allow us a view into this personal memories and nice times! Thank you, Ana x

                           A walk in the Lines family back in 1995, at The Stafford Castle. 

                      1997 in Victoria Park, with the grandfather, the father and the son

                                      1988 playing golf at the Stafford Castle Golf Club

A late winter in 2013. It's the end of March and snow doesn't seem to be going anywhere...

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